Smart Glasses…Exploring The World Through Smart Vision!

When we hear the word ”smart”, the things that come into our minds are smart phones and smart TV. Actually in today’s era this word has been affiliated with the latest technology. Technology is updated day by day. When smart phones were released nobody thought that it will become so common as they are in today’s world the most popular and most acquired item in offices, businesses, schools and homes. Now, Google has something more interesting. They have announced the launch of Google smart glasses. This is a unique and innovative invention. Google smart glasses are very interesting because they will change the whole concept of optics. Google claims that these smart glasses will operate on the Android operating system. The basic concept about smart glasses is to bump up reality. Smart glasses will give the realistic surrounding effect to the user in his or her computer.

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If you will download the smart glasses applications in your smart phone it will give you the duplicate reality. It will also give you a realistic experience of playing games. It will give you the real thrill of killing gangsters. It can also help in the political world. You can see all speeches of candidates on your smart phone.
Calling it a small projector is not wrong for smart glasses. They have Bluetooth, wi-fi connectivity, a camera, sound projection and microphones. Oculan has also offered smart glasses just like Google. Google smart glasses are direct competitor to Oculan Inc. people say Oculans smart glasses are better than Google smart glasses because some technicians have declared it as world’s tiniest projection system.

This is a type of smart glasses; I can share some more information about smart glasses. The typical use of optics was to have clear vision and save eyes from bright sunlight. So there is a better option for this use is; some smart glasses are also launched which helps you clear vision when sunlight gives you blind glares. These are known as smart sunglasses. Globally, many accidents are caused due to the blind glare caused by sun. These smart sunglasses are very helpful. They dim the bright spots caused by sun. The vision is clear and without any haze. These are perfect for drivers at dawn or sunsets.

Another important type of smart glasses is for the people who have weak memory or Alzheimer. These smart glasses are memory efficient. They can also be called as memory glasses. They are able to detect your friends and family, the grocery or shopping list. They will remind you if you are forgetting anything or not. Most importantly helps you to detect the street signs as well. This is a built in feature in the memory glasses.

These smart inventions have made life easier. They will make you more independent and free. Google smart glasses are like a little projector. They have an android operating system. Google smart glasses connect you to amplified reality on your computer. Help full in business, marketing, politics and sports etc. smart sunglasses are light efficient. Last but not the least, memory glasses make you independent and give you inner satisfaction of remembering everything.

Author:- This article is written by Farwa Muzaffar. She is working for CEC logics. CEC is web design Utah based company. They are doing perfect for their customers.

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